Community Action in a Climate Emergency


    October 18


    18:00 - 20:30

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    Candid Arts Trust

    3 Torrens Street, London, EC1V 1 NQ

    London, England, GB, EC1V 1 NQ

    What is real community action in a climate emergency?

    This event is for residents concerned about the climate emergency and uncertain what actions to take to support councils, citizens, employers and the wider government in reducing carbon emissions and preparing for change.

    The panel is a joint project between the Islington Climate Emergency Centre and the Islington Environmental Emergency Alliance for the Islington Together Festival: Let’s talk about a Greener Future.

    This summer’s devastating droughts and floods – and the release of the devastating IPCC Report – make it clear that the climate and ecological crises are intensifying. Human and animalkind is facing threat on an unprecedented scale and many of us feel unequipped to address the emergency.

    Now is the time for communities to come together to enact concrete change in local areas. During this event, practitioners in community action will discuss the different ways in which citizens can help raise awareness amongst friends and family, lead lifestyles that contribute to positive ways of living, adapt and develop resilience – and co-create effective ways to create change.

    The second part of the event will take the form of a small people’s assembly whe audience members will have the chance to share thoughts and ideas and to create actionable projects to carry forward beyond the event itself.

    Speakers include:

    – Roderik Gonggripj, Community Organiser, Islington Green Party

    – Pete Phoenix, co-founder, Climate Emergency Centres

    – Martijn Cooijmans, Director Climate Change and Transport at Islington Council

    – Lucy Facer, co-founder, Islington Clean Air Parents

    – Lauren Boyce, co-founder of the Islington Environmental Emergency Alliance with specific dedication in the Engaging Communities workstream

    Moderator: Bel Jacobs, Islington Climate Emergency Centre


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